About us

Red Rock Robotics, team 3006, is West High School’s FIRST Robotics team. Our primary focus is the FIRST Robotics Competition, an international high school competition that aims to give students engineering experience in the real world.

Our mission is to foster skills in engineering, leadership, and teamwork in all its members through the process of creating a competitive and innovative robot. Red Rock Robotics strives to be competitive while remaining gracious, recognizing that competition is mutually beneficial to all the competitors in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Our team also focuses upon innovation, respect to each other and our competitors, and giving back to our community.

Red Rock Robotics is in its 6th year of competition and has over thirty members. We seek to break the barrier that prevents many young students from pursuing careers in engineering by demonstrating that engineering is fun, applicable, and challenging. Our team hopes to encourage diversity within engineering, science, and technology fields through helping students find a place where they are comfortable to explore and challenge themselves in these fields. Participation in robotics helps students develop skills in engineering, design, teamwork, leadership, and business.

Our team has a history of performance, originating from its rookie year competing in the Las Vegas Regional Competition. Red Rock Robotics was among the first teams in Utah, and has competed in the Utah Regional Competition every year it has been held. Last year, our team won the Idaho Regional, making it to Worlds held in Houston, Texas. We managed to finish our season in the top 6% of teams worldwide.