What is FIRST robotics?

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an international program of team robotics competitions for grades k-12, split into four competition divisions based off of age group.


The highest level of FIRST competitions, and the original FIRST program (founded 1989). This is the level team 3006 competes at. Each match lasts 2.5 minutes and is divided into two periods. The first period is autonomous (typically the first 15 seconds), in which robots score points based off of pre-programmed instructions and sensor-input. The second period of play is tele-operated (tele-op), in which the robots are controlled via a team of human drivers. The final 30 seconds of the match (within the tele-op period) are called “end game”, in which the constraints and/or ways to score points are altered for special final tasks.